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Below is a list of previous Newsletters created and sent by Bill. Simply “click” and enjoy!

2021 Newsletters

July 2021: Why Paint? Why Write? by Bill Hudson
June 2021: Setting Life’s Course by Bill Hudson
April 2021: Catching Leprechauns by Bill Hudson
March 2021: Online Galleries and Singulart by Bill Hudson

2020 Newsletters

December 2020: Family by Bill Hudson
October 2020: Carving Out A Life by Bill Hudson
September 2020: Reference Photos and the Hole-In-One by Bill Hudson
August 2020: Pickin’ Blackberries by Bill Hudson
June 2020: Appreciating the Gift of Life by Bill Hudson
May 2020: Revenue Alternatives by Bill Hudson
April 2020: Puddles by Bill Hudson
March 2020: What Were They Thinking? by Bill Hudson
January 2020: The Lucky Ones by Bill Hudson

2019 Newsletters

December 2019: Merry Christmas by Bill Hudson
September 2019: Stretch and Press by Bill Hudson
August 2019: Priceless Art by Bill Hudson
July 2019: Motivated by Bill Hudson
June 2019: Demonstration of Watercolor & Casein by Bill Hudson
April 2019: Coincidence or Confirmation by Bill Hudson
February 2019: For Guys Only by Bill Hudson

2018 Newsletters

November 2018: Would You Paint a Commission? by Bill Hudson
October 2018: The Power of Art by Bill Hudson
August 2018: In Honor of Ron Adkins by Bill Hudson
June 2018: Art, Imagination, Physics, Fun by Bill Hudson
May 2018: Robert Schaar, American Master by Bill Hudson
April 2018: Confessions, Mistakes, and Editions by Bill Hudson
March 2018: Meet Tomorrow’s Artists by Bill Hudson
February 2018: The Watercolors of Laurin McCracken by Bill Hudson
January 2018: There’s Magic In Those Trains by Bill Hudson

2017 Newsletters

December 2017: The Christmas Talent Show by Bill Hudson
November 2017: The Art of Cartography by Bill Hudson
October 2017: Making A Living From Art by Bill Hudson
August 2017: Art Takes Many Forms by Bill Hudson
July 2017: In Love with a Galway Hooker by Bill Hudson
May 2017:”The S.W.E.A.T. Pledge” by Bill Hudson
April 2017: Fulfilling Life’s Purpose by Bill Hudson
March 2017: So, what is casein? by Bill Hudson
January 2017: Attitude is Everything by Bill Hudson

2016 Newsletters

November 2016: Peeing on the Electric Fence by Bill Hudson
October 2016: Plein Air Photographer, Studio Painter by Bill Hudson
September 2016: The Most Important Photograph Ever Taken! by Bill Hudson
June 2016: The Orioles and Father Bill by Bill Hudson
May 2016: The Gongbi Art of Caroline Young by Bill Hudson
April 2016: The Whalers … and Public Domain by Bill Hudson
March 2016: The Approach by Bill Hudson
January 2016: A Born Artist by Bill Hudson

2015 Newsletters

November 2015: Marathon Buckets by Bill Hudson
September 2015: In the Eyes of a Child by Bill Hudson
July 2015: Curiosity by Bill Hudson
June 2015: Aerial Perspective Using Casein by Bill Hudson
May 2015: Outside the Box with Beta Nu by Bill Hudson
April 2015: “Evening with the Artists” Friday, April 24th, 5:30 to 7:30 pm at the Redlands Community Hospital by Bill Hudson
March 2015: Talent, Passion, Work, Decisions by Bill Hudson
January 2015: Painting as a Pastime by Bill Hudson

2014 Newsletters

December 2014: The Man in the Arena by Bill Hudson
October 2014: Need Inspiration? by Bill Hudson
August 2014: Greenbackville… small town, big influence by Bill Hudson
July 2014: “Two Beers. Keep it Loose.” by Bill Hudson
May 2014: Silhouettes and Varnishing Watercolors by Bill Hudson
March 2014: Have You Ever Violated Copyrights? by Bill Hudson
January 2014: Would You Do a Commission? by Bill Hudson

2013 Newsletters

September 2013: Why I’m Enjoying Art Shows by Bill Hudson, MORT – The Mother of Road Trips
May 2013: On-line Galleries or Brick-and-Mortar Galleries? by Bill Hudson

2012 Newsletters

December 2012: The Greatest Gift by Bill Hudson, Do You Need a Good Website?
August 2012: Plein Air or Studio Art? by Bill Hudson
March 2012: Things I Enjoy at the Cottage Gallery by Bill Hudson, Need a Great Framer?

2011 Newsletters

July 2011: Watercolor Painting Tip by Bill Hudson
February 2011: Career Day by Bill Hudson
January 2011: The Cottage Gallery by Bill Hudson

2010 Newsletters

October 2010: The Photographer’s Ephemeris and the War Bonnet Sunrise by Bill Hudson
September 2010: The Julian Art Gallery   by Bill Hudson, Attracted to Maritime Art by Bill Hudson, Genie with a Genre: ‘Trawlers and Tugs’ art blog
July 2010: “The Deadliest Catch, Caught” or “Thank God for Zoom” by Bill Hudson
June 2010: The Art Show Circuit by Bill Hudson
April 2010: NEW! The Watercolor Pocket Guide by Bill Hudson, Marketing by Andrew Wielawski, Donating Art Work by Charlotte Peterson, Trace Your Drawing by G.A. Sheller, Online Tips by Grant Fuller
March 2010: Metal Art by Bill Hudson
January 2010: A Good Composition is the #1 Priority for a Great Painting by Bill Hudson, Opera Glasses by Beverly Bell

2009 Newsletters

November 2009: The Brush Lady by Bill Hudson
October 2009: Soft Edges with Watercolor    by Bill Hudson, The Mahl Bridge: A Review by B. Eric Rhoads
July 2009: How to Increase Sales By Adding a Gallery by Eric Rhoads
June 2009: Show Students Your Works In Progress by Bill Hudson, “Delicate Balance” The Painting Stages by Yachiyo
May 2009: Transferring Your Sketch To A Support by Anita Gersch
February 2009: An “Upside-Down” Tip for Portraiture Drawing and Painting by Sharon Shurkin
January 2009: Cropping for a Better Composition by B. J. Wilson

2008 Newsletters

November 2008: How to Resolve a Work of Art by Kathryn Nobbe
October 2008: Water Reflections with Gum Arabic by Bill Hudson, Terry Madden Teams Up With Watermen Art
August 2008: Lighting is the Key by Joseph Rivera